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New track released

2009-04-04 12:55:03 by AtomicInc

New track released as "Bass Piratez" /226818

Atomic Inc is dead! Bass Piratez is where it's at! <3

New music

2009-02-16 19:06:24 by AtomicInc

Just a post letting you know that my new music is located at

My new music, released as "Bass Piratez" also has a myspace:

Enjoy :)


2009-01-20 12:58:07 by AtomicInc

As you may already know, Atomic Inc is dead. All new music is located at:

A "Bass Piratez" remix of Tropical is planned. Bass Piratez is the new name I use for my productions :)

Peace~ <3

EDIT: New music is located at Please do favourite+bookmark+etc :)


2008-03-10 13:05:21 by AtomicInc

Got a myspace set up for my music,

Enjoy! :D And add me as a friend!